Monyverse Academy FAQs


The Monyverse Academy is meant to be a niche community of personal development creators, businesses, and leaders. It makes it easier to collaborate, create content, find business opportunities, and make it easier for creators to interview industry leaders all while generating some revenue and helping people learn. Many content creators and advisors are already taking advantage of this.

Yes! A lot of our influencers actually have 2 tiers to their communities. You can create a structure that works for your time and goals. You can have one that is completely free and grows quickly to collect user emails, if you wish you can then offer a paid course or exclusive access to another community. Reach out to the team, we can help you brainstorm this and develop the best option for you.

No, you don’t! It is free, just come in and post content, invite followers, and acquire new members within the Academy.

No, this is no different from any other social media platform. You own your own courses and community. This should not affect any other aspect of the business. Well, not negatively.

Not much actually. There are two ways to take advantage of the MV Academy. One (1) create a course, lesson, e-book, or webinar to sell or to just collect emails, two (2) create and manage a community and collect recurring revenue, and an optional course. You can post once or twice a week, generally speaking, after you get the momentum going with your followers they will generate questions and content themselves.

Not much! the MV Academy is a perfect way to own your relationship and information with your followers. As mentioned before your income and growth within this space will let you know how important it should be. For now, be yourself and continue to give your supporters a reason to support you.

We break this down into a few reasons: 1. some followers just simply want to support you. 2. Monyverse promotes your content and provides content itself (your supporters that enroll in your community or course will get the main Monyverse hub for free) this adds value to your community and decreases the need for lots of posts in a week. 3. No other platform allows you to have your own community and also be discovered by new users. 4. it validates your brand. 5. You will be featured in future campaigns at no cost to you. 6. truly give your followers the ability to learn from you. 7. you have direct access to followers for future sales. 8. Easily collects emails.

Every marketer and company knows that the holy grail of generating income is to have direct access to a potential consumer. See social media is great for growing a following and creating a brand but pretty bad at giving you access to your followers. You may not have an e-book today or a course but trust us at some point in the future you will want to. Imagine posting or emailing your followers: “See my new book here” you already have their trust and they know who you are now the only thing you need is a place to secure a true communication stream with people that are highly probable to buy.

Good question! The answer is easy, it is similar to being an influencer today and not having an Instagram or Facebook presence. The Monyverse Academy is the only space for followers and content creators in the space of personal development and finance to live. Imagine being discovered by businesses to partner with, members who are seeking financial education, and other content creators that are in a similar space as you finding you and paying or partnering with you!


Not a lot. The Monyverse Academy was created to make it easier on us, it is like a squad of friends working together all having similar goals and helping each other. In a nutshell, upload the same content you use elsewhere (sometimes exclusives), interact every now and again, and most importantly inform your audience of your space (many creators do this on all content pieces). Similar to Johnny Harris and Nebula.

Yes, you can charge whatever amount works for you. However, we recommend that you understand your target audience. You can always price yourself out of supporter. We suggest a range of $10 – $25 a month.

As often as you want! The luxury of the Monyverse Academy is that it is not social media. Your followers are here to support you and for you to add value in their lives not entertainment. Post once a week or 15 times a week its entirely up to you!

  • Re-Create/Repost
    • Re-create your best-performing content in more depth. Repost content and answer questions.
  • Exclusive Content
    • Create content that is only found in your community.
  • Priority Publishing
    • Upload your content here first before you post anywhere else. 1-3 Days ahead is recommended.
  • Long Form/Course
    • Create a course or go in-depth about a specific topic.


If you only post images, graphics, illustrations, and short-form videos on your social media channel that is ok. You can take advantage of this and post regularly or add some video content.

No worries! We currently have a content creator that does cooking videos and food content across different social platforms. She created a course for her followers on how to cook on a budget to which she charges for access. She also has a subcommunity for people who prefer to cook at home with the Monyverse Academy.

No worries! You can have an unlimited amount of courses, communities, and posts. It is all up to you. Some content creators create a free community or course to collect emails and then have a second community that is paid as a level 2 tier to collect the income.

There are many approaches to this. Some content creators repost their favorite or best-performing content from old posts. Others decide to post exclusives, behind the scene’s, guides. Remember this is not just about posting content, this is a place where you can add your e-books, courses, services, or just reposted content and your followers just have easier access to you. Do what is right for you and your followers!

Well, imagine if you were one of the first content creators on TikTok, Youtube, or Instagram back when it was basically nothing and no one was there. First adopters always win, don’t miss or be late to the party.