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Do you want to build a passive income stream but don’t want to bother your friends and family on Facebook with annoying MLM pitches? You can. It is possible to start earning the illusive passive income, which is something that everyone desires to attain but rarely does, by spending some of your liquid assets.

Invest in Index Funds

Although it’s a good idea to have some cash stashed away for unexpected expenses, you’re not making the most of the money you have by doing so. Participate in the dive. Invest in an index fund so you can sit back, relax, and watch your money increase while you do nothing else than sit on the couch.

The Vanguard 500 Index Fund has excellent growth potential but requires an initial investment of $3,000.

A $10,000 investment made in 2017 would be worth $13,400 now, which is an increase of nearly $1,000 in annual passive income.

Invest in Stocks That Pay a High Dividend

If you’re thinking, “But in order to make money, you have to sell index funds,” then you’ve got it just right. However, if you buy high dividend stocks, you will be paid a dividend each quarter in accordance with the payout schedule for that particular stock.

Walmart’s dividend per share is $0.54, and the company is growing its profits at a rate of 24 percent.

If you’ve ever had the desire to own a portion of the Walton family firm, you may make this oversaturated retailer an essential component of your passive income empire.

Rental Properties

Instead of investing in the dreams of other people, you should invest in your own. Invest in one or more rental properties, get a property manager, and then sit back and collect the monthly check.

To be able to buy the homes, you’ll need to have the necessary funds in your pocket, and there are two primary methods in which your passive income will increase:

  • Earnings per month
  • An increase in the value of homes

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Money is necessary for people. You appear to have some strewn about. It’s an ideal oppertunity to bring in some nice extra money with no effort on your part. Prosper is a platform that connects you (the investor) with borrowers.

You lend the money that someone else needs, and in exchange, you get regular payments and returns of at least 5 percent.

You have the ability to assist others in meeting their financial obligations through Prosper and the majority of other platforms that facilitate peer-to-peer lending. At the same time, the platform is responsible for conducting a credit check on the borrower. P2P lending, often known as peer-to-peer lending, is an excellent approach to diversify the sources of your passive income.

You can sell online courses as well as eBooks

Do you have a lot of experience in something? Do you have a skill that other people are interested in learning? By selling online courses or even eBooks, people are able to make a significant amount of money while they are sleeping. There are more than sufficient options for you to get started selling as well.

Nearly everything has a consumer base, including:

Dog training
Managing a youngster who won’t stop whining 
Investing with ten dollars per month
How to jump rope

People are absolutely obsessed with furthering their education and will gladly spend ten dollars, twenty dollars, thirty dollars, or even more on a piece of educational merchandise. Create the video course or book, market it, and you’ll have a source of passive income.

When you have a steady stream of passive money flowing in each month, you are working toward achieving financial independence.

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